Review: “The Sea Will Claim Everything” on Gamechurch

We live in a world that assumes faster is always better. This perhaps no where more true than in the world of video games. We champion speed-runs, Starcraft professionals who execute more decisions in a minute than many of us make in a day, and new hardware that is faster than its competitors. But while we’re so focused on speed, we rarely slow down enough to consider the repercussions that such an obsession has for how we live in the world. In the face of this flurried culture, The Sea Will Claim Everything’s opening screen displays a unique and quiet admonition: “Relax. Slow Down. Take your time.” This game, created by indie developers Jonas and Verena Kyratzes, offers players the rare opportunity to explore the implications that ideas have on lives, both real and imagined.



Head over to to continue read my review of this exciting new indie game.

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